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What Are The Software Development Life Cycle SDLC Stages and Models Remote Recruitment Agency

An output artifact does not need to be completely defined to serve as input of object-oriented design; analysis and design may occur in parallel. In practice the results of one activity can feed the other in an iterative process. The big bang model is a high-risk SDLC type that throws most of its resources at development without requiring an in-depth analysis at the start of the cycle. The agile approach requires the team to perform testing at the end of each sprint to ensure no potential exploits end up in production. A true V-shaped model does not have a dedicated testing phase since each development stage has its own QA sequence. A product's SDLC must be a living process that the team regularly updates (or at least reviews).

sdlc phases

Suppose a software development issue is divided into various parts and the parts are assigned to the team members. From then on, suppose the team representative is allowed the freedom to develop the roles assigned to them in whatever way they like. The software development life cycle includes only the development and testing of software components.

Systems development life cycle

On the other hand, systems development is a broader set of configuring and managing the software, hardware, people, and processes that comprise the system. This may include tasks such as organizational learning and change management policies that are outside the scope of software development. Finally, the planning process clearly defines the outline of system development. The project manager will set deadlines and time frames for each phase of the software development life cycle, ensuring the product is presented to the market in time.

  • Waterfall phases run sequentially, and every stage depends directly on the outcome of the previous phase (i.e., each step "waterfalls" into the next one).
  • Agile emphasizes teamwork, prototyping, and feedback loops that can change the direction of the development effort in response to changing requirements.
  • CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) is a set of practices and methods that speed up software delivery by introducing automation into an SDLC.
  • BrowserStack, with its broad range of real test environments enabled by hybrid-cloud technology, serves as the perfect test infrastructure for your websites and mobile applications.
  • The design phase is what defines the way a software application will work.

So without a software life cycle model, the entry and exit criteria for a stage cannot be recognized. Without software life cycle models, it becomes tough for software project managers to monitor the progress of the project. A software life cycle model (also termed process model) is a pictorial and diagrammatic representation of the software life cycle. A life cycle model represents all the methods required to make a software product transit through its life cycle stages. It also captures the structure in which these methods are to be undertaken.


As a proven leader in the application security field, Synopsys offers a comprehensive suite of products and services perfectly tailored to this effort. Synopsys enables you to add security testing to an existing development process, thereby streamlining security throughout the SDLC. Synopsys solutions help you manage security and quality risks comprehensively, across your organization and throughout the application life cycle. Yes, numerous tools and technologies are used throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to improve efficiency, collaboration, quality, and more. Some examples include project management tools, version controls systems, integrated development environments, automated testing tools and cloud providers. Implementing an effective Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) requires a well-coordinated approach.

sdlc phases

Waterfall is considered by many to be too rigid to adapt to changing requirements. It doesn’t support feedback throughout the process, leading to the implementation of requirements that may have changed during the development effort. This weakness in Waterfall led to the development of more flexible methodologies, such as Agile.

Stories to Help You Grow as a Software Developer

Next, let’s explore the different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle. This article will explain how SDLC works, dive deeper in each of the phases, and provide you with examples to get a better understanding of each phase. This guide explores the different phases of DevOps Lifecycle and discusses 7Cs of DevOps, best pract...

sdlc phases

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