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Best custom ROM for Android 2023 Performance & Battery life

Pixel Experience aims to replicate the exact version of Android that you’d get with a brand new Pixel from Google. Bliss is a non-profit project that follows in the footsteps of LineageOS. Like Lineage, Bliss creates an entirely new Android based operating system for your device, similarly to a Linux distribution. Bliss tries to support as many devices as they can, and they’re working to provide tools for individuals to extend support. Sure the customizations are less than other custom ROMs like HavocOS but, it strikes a perfect balance between performance and simplicity via stock Android experience. Certainly, Custom ROM developers can’t go wrong with crunchy names, right?

  • This type of order is a buy and sell and has no price restriction.
  • However, some investors are comfortable with long-term investments and don't mind paying a small commission to trade with them.
  • Also, the launcher that comes with this ROM is Google Pixel’s launcher.
  • The daily builds of the ROM are based on Chinese MIUI beta firmware packages and have further been localized for the international markets.

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They provide loads of customisation options compared to the Stock ROM. Some of the Custom ROMs are well optimised for battery and performance.

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