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7 steps to natural harmony

We are used to believe that weight loss is always associated with overcoming: a hard diet, calculation of calories, exhausting training. Psychologist Anastasia Ryazanova claims to be slim naturally, she tells what habits will help to find a beautiful figure without much effort.

1. Give the body natural food: raw vegetables and fruits

When the necessary nutrients enter the body, he does not ask for excess food. For example, fruits satisfy the need for sweet. For proper assimilation, they must be consumed in a separate meal or an hour before meals, but never after.

The more natural the products, the better they feed the body. The body needs fiber. A salad of fresh vegetables with herbs saturates the body with the necessary trace elements, combines with any main dish, improves the absorption of meat. The salad takes up a lot of space in the stomach, so less space remains for heavy food. No wonder vegetables are considered the best dish for losing weight.

With natural nutrition, receptors are cleaned and the need for harmful dishes naturally decreases. Old food habits that weighed the body disappear. There is no need to fight with yourself. The secret is to gradually switch to more natural food until it reaches 30-50% of the total diet.

2. Drink clean water

We know that drinking sweet soda is harmful, so we prefer

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tea. As a result, we force the body to do double work - to secrete water from tea to nourish yourself. We need water. It removes toxins, cleanses from slag, participates in metabolism, breaks down fats. A glass of water on an empty stomach immediately after waking up stimulates intestinal peristalsis and “includes” the body. The intake of water during the day quenches a false feeling of hunger, and a glass of water accelerates metabolism before meals and prevents overeating.

To accustom yourself to the use of useful fluid, it is recommended to drink half a glass every hour during the entire period of wakefulness. The body quickly gets used to the good and soon begins to “demand” its 2 liters of water per day.

3. Domest

To get involved with natural biorhythms, go to bed until 22 hours, observe the mode and provide complete silence and darkness in the bedroom. Subject to these rules, the hormonal balance and the work of the endocrine system are stabilized, the state of the psyche will improve. During a full night sleep, the hormone melatonin will be produced, which prevents the accumulation of fat and fights stress. The body does not need additional calories if it rested at night.

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